Poetry by a Cloud

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WORD POETRY (people gave me a word, I wrote poems):

Cool April mornings

Under duvets

Legs in a tangled mess

The smell of your hair

Like fresh JASMINE blossoms

Grateful for moments

Of solitude

And grace

With you

My only light

Peeking through the blinds

Of my despair

I only bloom

Because of you


The Tower

A symbol


Only exists

With the sole purpose

To remind you

Of your soul-purpose

To break the foundation

And build again


One word

Is all I need

To unite me

With all positive frequencies

Vibrating through the universe

So that I may float on too

So that I may become one with the bliss:





Let love

Be what


From with

-in you

And ex

-plodes out

To show

-er the



Them all;

A bliss

-ful death

i name my typewriter after you
to evoke your spirit in my own fingertips
to touch you in a way that would speak to you
to love you in the only way i know how

and it is with each touch that you
will truly come to know
my very soul
my imprint upon you
will leave you lost
and leave you longing
for another taste of this spirit


let my skin, damp with pleasure
blur every letter stamped onto this page
i want to forget
i want to forget
i want to forget –
help me forget

mark my words:
i will devour you
like a lioness does her prey
and you will both
cry for me
and regret the day
you let me touch you
be prepared to lose yourself entirely
when i have you
and all experiences prior
will seem small and insignificant in

let these thoughts of me
drip out of each of your pores
drowning the masses
because there is no one else
they do not matter to me
let them all drown


i am a fire,
chaos and creation
passion personified
bravery and courage
loveliness and a mess
all that you feared
and everything you worship


What a strange life we live
In which we:
Work but always long
Sit but always dream
Desire happiness but always whine
Want more time but continue to browse
Long to be liked but never be touched
Aim to be loved but never play real
Want to live but stay lost in screen

There is no benefit to this
It will be the demise of us
The destruction of our very being
The melting of our waxed selves
Into a pool of sensuality
From which we can never recover

I am a woman
who seeks to control
all aspects of life
but one
and in that one
I am a lost girl
waiting to be guided in the right direction
wherever that direction may lead
Take my hand.
Take me there.
Take me with you.


Maybe it is only in the mind
In which I limit myself
Set restrictions on desires
Put caps on the pleasurable
Cease to indulge
And what is the mind?
But a barrier – with its logic –
To body-longings
To soul-cravings
So it’s time to shut down
And refresh
And release
And restart
And reclaim
The wants I know I so badly need
The needs I know I so deeply want


I stepped
On cobbled streets
My heart
Out of my chest
Into oil paintings
Sitting on market stalls
Of memories passed
Of moments lost
Of nostalgic graces
Towering over me
Capturing history
Revealing a past
Laced with passion
Laced with love
Seeping out of each corner
Fleeting glances
Kisses captured
On woven patio chairs
Over cups of coffee
Between pages of a book
So much more here
So much more here
More of me here
I am home
I am alive
Alive on these cobbled streets
Upon which I step

(Don’t touch.)
But I must.
(Don’t touch.)
But I must.
(Don’t touch.)
But I want to
sink my fingers
deep inside you
pull them out –
soaked in sticky sweet sap(py ideals);
lick each one clean.
I can’t get enough.
I must touch.

Let’s hide those ideas
in the back of our minds.
Let’s push them in
Keep them there
Play it safe.

Like metal boots
A sinking ship
I like the taste of trouble
upon these loose lips.

The greatest loss in all the world
is when dreamers put aside their dreaming

This I did not choose;
For it has chosen me
The path laid out before
The pain was unforeseen
No different would I tread it
For strength, it brought me still
Such bravery, courage, and love
The stubbornness of will
How strange I would reflect
If changes had been made
More lost and unfamiliar
My spirit dead, now saved
Damage to my body
Strikes against my mind
Soul-suffering with weight unknown
My heart, stuck in such binds
Yet no trail would I rather tread down
No transformation of smile from frown
No changes need to be made
For I love who I am today.

Shut out
Any doubt
Open to Light
Open to Life

Your small steps
are great leaps and bounds
Do not judge an ant by the hill
But by what’s buried underground

Sacredness within you
Wounds sealed by the Great Healer
Trust in your power
Open your chest
and blow the world away

That worlds could be opened
Within the pages of a book
Is proof in the sacredness
And power of word

I have known pain.
Felt its grip on my spirit
Manipulating, crushing, laughing
Leaving me exposed and vulnerable

I have known pain.
Felt its grip on my body
Stealing, destroying, breaking
Leaving me damaged and lost

I have known pain.
Felt its grip on my heart
Lying, cheating, misleading
Leaving me crushed and cold

I have known pain.
Felt its grip on my soul
Numbing, defeating, stultifying
Leaving me angered and alone

Pain has known me –
Felt the heel of my boot.