Personalized Parisian Itineraries Service

Are you planning a trip to Paris and aren’t sure where to begin?
Do you want to live the trip like a local and not miss the hottest spots?
Are you looking for an expat’s impression of the city to help guide you?
Are you hoping for recommendations that suit your needs and interests and are authenticly prepared with you in mind?

Look no further than Personalized Parisian Itineraries – a service provided to you by lifeofcloud!

For 12USD I can prepare you a detailed and thorough itinerary for three days in the City of Lights which includes metro lines, must-see locations, convenient planning for your location of stay, tips and tricks, as well as suggestions on how to fit in like a local. Additional days are 3USD each and can include out-of-area trip recommendations if that is something you’d be interested in.

I cater my suggestions strictly to your interests, so I will not suggest a museum visit if you find them to be a bore, and I won’t suggest touring old buildings if that isn’t your cup of tea, either! You provide me with your interests and I provide you with a personalized itinerary that fits your taste, budget, timeline, and needs.

Why get your itinerary from me? Because I’ve been here as a tourist four times prior and I am now living here, and there is so much I’ve learned and discovered over my many visits that I wish someone had told me the first time I went to Paris! I feel as though I wasted my first trip here by feeling lost and overwhelmed by the city, and despite having numerous guidebooks to bring along with me, they didn’t meet my personal needs and still left me feeling very confused. I know what to skip, I know what’s not to miss, I know what makes tourists stand out and gets them pick-pocketed, I know some secret spots that no guidebook will tell you about. I’ve been in your shoes, Paris is my passion, and now I want to help you 🙂

Think of me as the best guidebook you could have in your pocket for your Parisian trip!

Interested in this service? Please fill out the form below and we can get working together! I’ll respond to your e-mail at my earliest convenience.