Conversations With Claudia

Are you looking to improve your English skills for your business, your interaction with clients, or just your own general knowledge?

Are you hoping to have your English document edited with accuracy, precision, and with the highest grade of professionalism?

Look no further than Conversations With Claudia.


I am a Canadian educator who is Certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and I have numerous years of teaching under my belt. I have also worked as an educator in an International setting, helping students who have a first language other than English. I have a double honors Bachelor degree in English and Philosophy, and I graduated on the Dean’s Honor List.

I am currently a Masters Student in the Masters of Library and Information Studies program offered through the University of Alberta (online program).

I have experience running workshops for professionals, writing professionally for my school board, colleagues, professional development days that I’ve facilitated, and I’ve also written, edited, and recorded a podcast for the world renowned Ted Talks.

On top of all this, I am an avid reader and writer and am currently employed by a Parisian company as a Conversational English Teacher.

My experience emphasizes my familiarity, knowledge, professionalism, and skills with the English Language. You will find no better instructor when it comes to creating an environment where your conversational skills and writing skills will vastly improve, thus improving your experience with clients and your success in foreign business.

What I Offer

  • Skype dialogues (1-2 hours per session) that include casual and business conversation. I will take notes as we speak to one another comfortably, and give you suggestions on where to improve and where language was incorrect or misused. This will include mock client “question and answer” sessions, where, after you give me an idea of your primary method of business, I can formulate realistic conversation situations that will improve your ability to meet client needs. These Skype dialogues will improve as I come to know your needs over time. My educator background will allow me to tailor these learning opportunities, ensuring the utmost success and improvement in your abilities.
  • Document, e-mail, website, and marketing editing. You provide me with the piece of literature that requires perfected English and I edit, ensure the language used will provide the utmost success for the English audience you wish to reach, and I will also provide you suggestions with items or information which I feel do not work, convey your message successfully, or which does not demonstrate a clear English translation.
  • E-mail “pen pal” communication. Do you wish to improve your understanding of the English language, and hope to practice in an informal and comfortable setting? I will be your English pen-pal! I will make casual conversation with you via e-mail and will give you suggestions on where to improve your own understanding of the language in conversational text dialogue.


  • Skype sessions are 20EUROS an hour.
  • Document editing is 20EUROS per page.
  • E-mail “pen pal” communication is 20EUROS per 4 e-mails (approximately a paragraph per e-mail)

Payments can be done via bank or PayPal transfers. Payments are made prior to Skype Sessions, Document Editing, and prior to the beginning of the e-mail communication for conversational dialogue text practice.


Please do not hesitate to e-mail me at!

In the e-mail, please indicate what service you are interested in, how many sessions of the service you desire, what dates/times work for you (for Skype), and any other important notes or questions you may have. I will send you over more information and a contract, and if you are interested, we can decide on a start date, you sign the contract and make the appropriate payment, and we will begin our work together.

Please that I am located in Paris, France (when considering the timezone difference).

I look forward to helping you improve your English relations through improved communication!



“Claudia was was insightful, interesting and fun! […] she was a pleasure to deal with – very friendly, professional and timely. I would definitely recommend Claudia […] Thanks again!” – Jessica
“Wow…thank you so much Claudia. I really appreciate the thought you put into helping me with some of my struggles right now.[…]Thank you so much. You have a true talent. – Kaeleigh
It is clear how much love and care you put into [this] and I’m amazed at the detail you provide! I would be more than willing to recommend you!” – Victoria
I love how you responded to me so promptly. […] I am so happy to have connected with you!!” – Nina
Although halfway across the world and via email, the experience felt very personal; Claudia was a beautiful person to interact with. Her insight provided comfort and guidance moving forward. I will definitely be recommending Claudia to any interested friends […] in the future. ”  – Cherie