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Still Longing on Still Lakes

Hello friend, I got a new magazine called Bella Grace to go hand in hand with the multiple French books being read and sitting in my TBR pile. It fits with the dreaming I’ve been doing as of late, as it is a magazine talking about “Life’s Beautiful Journey’. In the magazine was an article…

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Bastille Day Drive

Happy July 14th, also known as Bastille day, but as I write this, terror has occurred in the country I love as they celebrate their nationality. This is saddening, this is heartbreaking, but I won’t focus on that horrid news, because this isn’t the place. My intentions with my post today revolves around the idea…

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The Post-Paris Depression

Hi there, If you’re stumbling upon my page for the first time, let me tell you some quick facts about myself: My name is Claudia Amendola and I absolutely adore Paris. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. Because, truly, it is my driving force through each day. What, in particular, you may ask?…

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