Goddess of Light

Hi there,

I went to my usual medium/healer Carol Righton at Akasha’s Den in Oakville for some Divine Heart Healing and tips, suggestions, and advice for moving forward after the end of my relationship and as I head towards Paris – my new home.

Mid-way through my reading and with some past-life regression insight, she got the words ‘Goddess of Light’ and then called me that as we ended our session and she hugged me. I decided to Google search Goddess of Light and this was the first link that appeared:

Have a read through that link if you have the time because you might just say, “Claudia, is that you?” Often seen as the “feminist” goddess with fierce independence, it was this in particular that stood out to me:

“When Zeus asked Artemis what presents she wanted for her third birthday she responded without hesitation that she wanted six things:

to be allowed to live without having to be distracted by love and marriage, 
~ a bow and arrow just like her brother’s,
~ a hunting costume and freedom from having to dress up like a lady,
~ the job of bringing light into the world, 
~sixty young nymphs to be her companions and to help care for her hunting dogs, and
~all the mountains on the earth to live on.

Reading that resonated with me. Reading that felt like I was reading a list I would write to the universe, myself. This goddess imply wants to live, unburdened by relationships and marriage, bring light into the world in her own way with her dogs by her side, as she wanders the globe (because she doesn’t like to sit still).

Apart from that mention that stuck with me and had me Googling as soon as I came home, the whole session was spectacular and left me feeling high and at peace and filled with love and compassion. I gained a lot of insight as to how to continue to progress down the life path intended for me, how to better connect with my guides, the advice to persist with my writing, and more insight into past lives that I’ll have to research and investigate. I would give detail, but the session felt very intimate and meant just for me and for Carol to share with me.

In the meantime, as the days wind closer to my closing date on the house, I’m working on cleaning, packing, organizing, disposing, decluttering, and all that jazz. I can’t believe I’m less than a month away from not living in this house anymore, and just over a month away from living in Paris. It’s surreal.



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